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Why You Don’t Want to Ignore Damage to Your EIFS Facades

Due to its superior energy efficiency and design flexibility, EIFS, formally referred to as exterior insulation finishing system, is a common building material used here in the Twin Cities and throughout the US.  You often see this insulated and water-resistant system installed on the exterior of many retail stores and commercial buildings. While a cost effective and visually appealing solution for building owners and tenants, the maintenance of EIFS facades is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

Leakage and water infiltration problems are a common and typical occurrence with many EIFS structures, and left unchecked can lead to serious structural damage.

Before shot of the damage to the EIFS Facades at Lund's in Minneapolis

Damage to EIFS Facade

Typical and common problems with EIFS Facades can include:

  • Damage caused by landscape equipment
  • Substrate discoloration
  • Cracks
  • Failed Joint Sealants
  • Holes caused by nesting birds
  • De-lamination of finish coats

Water inside your wall is no joke, and needs to be dealt with

After shot of the repaired EIFS Facades at Lund's in Minneapolis

EIFS Facade repaired

immediately. Left undiscovered, it will quickly lead to framing and structural problems that lead to costly repairs. We suggest you inspect your exterior walls annually and after every storm (or better yet, work with TCOS and this is included in your annual assessment).  When doing so, keep your eye for any of the following warning signs that could indicate you have a moisture and water damage issue:

  • Caulk Failure
  • Heavy Water Stains on Walls
  • Standing Water Near Walls
  • Missing Kickout Flashing
  • Bird and Small Animal Holes
  • Window Failure
  • Soft or Spongy Wall
  • Damaged/Missing Water-Resistive Barriers

A properly maintained EIFS exterior can provide for a beautiful building. At TCOS we specialize in restoring your stone, stucco, and EIFS facades.

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